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The Experience

An exciting learning environment where students also cultivate valuable friendships with like-minded peers

From the Students

Dorm Life

Dorm life is a great experience for young adults who haven’t stayed away from home for a long periods of time. When you get to a ASLP, you receive your dorm key and make the trip up the stairs to where you and your roommate will be staying for the next two weeks.
Val Davos

Ship Handling

Stem class IIC is considered the ship handling class. We learned about some boats that Mass Maritime has access to and how to navigate on the water. On our first day we started by going to the classroom we were assigned to. In the classroom, we learned about one of the old boats the Academy had before giving it to another Texas Maritime school. We also got the chance to learn about the T.S. Patriot State II, which will become the Academy’s next boat. We formed small groups and went onto some smaller vessels. The purpose of going on the boats was for the students to try manipulating their way through the water without hitting sandbars. The goal was for students to learn how to drive and be able to use boats. While driving the boat, a cadet or the captain directed us around the water. You had to know how to turn the ship, change the engine speed and stop when necessary.


Power Engineering

Power engineering is a class when you get to engineer your own devices. When we were making solar cars, we were given the materials. My team and I had to figure it out ourselves. After many of times of trying we finally got it to work. It was really rewarding to know that we figured it out without any help. And then we went outside to race them. We also learned about all kinds of energy and about thermal units.
– Leila Mathurin

ROVs in STEM Class

The first stem class I took was ROV with Mr. Frank. On the first day we got into teams and built the ROV’s with PVC pipes and with anything we wanted to use for decoration. The next day in class we tested ourselves in a mini pool. We connected them to the battery and drove them around. On the last day of class we walked to the school pool and performed challenges with ROVs. Mr. Frank had put toys into the pool for our ROVs to save and hula hoops to sail through.

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Your pod is where you spend all of your time when you're not in STEM classes. The pods are named after periodic elements. You most likely meet your closest friends for the duration of the camp in your group. Every afternoon, you will participate in an activity with your pod. This can include field trips, kickball, stem activities, or practicing for the talent show.
Each pod creates a chant, and there is a lot of friendly competition between PODS. At the conclusion of the ASLP program, the pod with the most points, which are earned through good behavior, will win the commanders cup. The pods will bring out the best in you while bonding you with lifelong friends.
- Isaac


The marine environment STEM class is filled with many fun and inclusive opportunities to be active. Each one of the three days consisted of a short lecture at the beginning of the class to explain the day’s topic and then a 1 to 2 1/2 hour field trip. On the first day, we learned about microscopic life in the ocean by looking under a microscope at water samples we collected. On the second day, we learned about the types of fish in the sea and then we went to the Sandwich Fish Hatchery. We were given the opportunity to feed the trout that the fish hatchery was breeding to restock lakes.

Cold Water Survival

My personal experience of Coldwater survival was amazing. The instructor told us everything we needed to know about how to enter the water correctly so no one would be lost. He also told us how the suits we wore would be used on real ships in the wintertime. There were many counselors on the dock and in the water making sure no one got hurt. While in the water we had to join together in a circle in a chain, called a snake. My overall experience was great and I would 100% do it again.
Jedaya Miller

The Great Cardboard Boat Race

At the start of the program, each POD builds a cardboard boat. Then on the last full day of camp each POD carries their boat to the Clean Harbors Center to be judged by Buc (The Official Mascot Of Massachusetts Maritime Academy)! Then the race in the Clean Harbors pool begins! Students not only race each other, they also compete against the Race Committee. In the end, the winning POD is recognized at the graduation ceremony.

Field Trips

My pod and I went on a field trip to the Plymouth Airport to learn about how to use tools in a workshop and how to build our own toolbox out of aluminum. The first day at the airport we went over the basic safety rules and precautions and how to use certain tools for the project.

Further on at the airport, we began the process of measuring, marking and cutting the plates of aluminum. The whole process was an experience that taught us useful skills that we can use later on in life.

ASLP Magic Show
Matt Roberts, the magician, having him come to a ASLP to put on a spectacular show, was a great delight. His show was so fun and entertaining and everyone was so enthusiastic. Some cool tricks he did were card, rope and metal ring tricks, and he even made a table float. He even let us in on some of his tricks so we could try them at home.

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